Dating ideas in the twin cities

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Kragujevac, the capital, was developing and cherishing modern, progressive, free ideas and resembled many European capitals of that time.The complex of the old foundry, which expanded in time, is called Vojnotehnički zavod u Kragujevcu or VTZ ("Military and technical institute in Kragujevac").In March 2014, the entire complex, covering 52.8 ha (130 acres), was placed under the state protection.As of 2017, the complex consists of 151 individual objects, of which 31 are protected as the unique heritage: old foundry, machine workshop, chimney, fire lookout tower, railway bridge over the Lepenica river, cartridge factory.Kragujevac was first mentioned in the medieval period as related to the public square built in a settlement, while the first written mention of the city was in the Ottoman Tapu-Defter of Smederevo in 1476.Ottoman documents from the 15th century refer to it as a "village of Kragujevdza".

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Illyrian tribe of Dardani and Celtic tribe of Scordisci occupied the region, before the area was conquered by the Roman Empire in 9 AD.Colloquially styled "Prince's arsenal" (Knežev arsenal), it originates from 1836, when Prince Miloš ordered construction of the first military plants.In 1850 the government established an entire complex of the military factories.To mark the occasion, he then built the Amidža Konak.

The first law on the printing press was passed in Kragujevac in 1870.The "Jerina Cave", located near the village of Gradac in the direction of Batočina, was inhabited from 37,000 to 27,000 BP.The dugouts and the first constructions above the ground were built in 5,500-4,800 BC in the surrounding villages of Grivac, Kusovac, Divostin, Donje Grbice and Dobrovodica.This territory was captured from Byzantium by Stefan Nemanja in 1198-99, who consolidated the Serbian state in the twelfth century.