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16-Feb-2018 13:44

It is likely that the criminals who steal accounts on these sites will go on to use them to commit online dating fraud — many dating sites only allow messages to be exchanged with other users after a subscription fee has been paid; by compromising existing paid accounts, the fraudsters can reduce their traceability by avoiding the need to make payments.Online dating fraud is often orchestrated by criminal gangs who use fake profiles to trick victims into developing long distance relationships.Once the fraudsters have gathered enough sympathy and trust from a victim, they will exploit this by claiming they need money to pay for travel costs, or to afford medical treatment for a family member.After the money has been stolen, the criminals will make up further reasons why they need more money.Some of the scripts are also designed to steal credentials from Photobucket users, possibly so the fraudsters can host photos and other images to further their scams.It is not unusual for fraudsters to encourage their victims to migrate to instant messaging software or even text messages instead of continuing to chat on a dating site, which could be monitored to prevent such fraud.Some of the biggest scams reported on the messaging platform in South Africa and around the world are described below.Whats App users in South Africa should keep their eyes open for fraudsters who use these tricks.

An attacker would typically deploy the phishing kit by uploading a zip file to a compromised web server and unzipping the tree of contents into a writable directory.In 2011, a woman in Britain was tricked into sending more than ,000 to a pair of fraudsters who pretended to have inherited millions of dollars from a military friend in Nigeria.The fraudsters - who were actually a mother and daughter in America - managed to net more than a million dollars before being jailed in 2013.Similar kits uploaded over the past few months have used various file names, such as,,, and

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Each script within these kits is very similar in terms of functionality — they simply collate a set of POST parameters into the body of an email message, and then send it to two or more email addresses.A new scam doing the rounds in SA involves a scammer tricking you into believing he is someone on your contact list whose number has changed.In reality, the scammer has gained access to a contact list which contains your number.The real owner of the hijacked account will have already done the hard bit by establishing dialogues with other members on the site, possibly gaining enough trust to allow the fraudsters to strike immediately with success.