Dating for the first time after divorce

09-Apr-2017 05:02

But I also have been dating a man for the past 4 months.

While he was a pleasant surprise because I was not really searching for someone at the time, I really fell in love fast. However, for the past month we have been fighting about anything and everything.

Last week, he emailed me explaining a big job offer that would relocate him for an unknown amount of time.

At first, I was very upset because I assumed after my divorce we would pick back up where we left off.

Instead, he wants to be in charge of delivering the information and wants you to receive it no questions asked. Does this sound like the kind of man who will make you happy? The answer to your question is not easy and may be something you're ready to hear.

The truth is still the same and I hope you can look in to your heart to hear my answer.

We agreed that we would keep in touch and we agreed after he found out more details we would sit down and talk to decide the amount of time we are willing to 'keep in touch' and try to work on this.Are we doing the adult thing here by giving it the time it needs?Our relationship was so good and I was happier than I have been in a long time.Another way to look at this is the same skills are used to handle problems and concerns regardless of the relationship between two people.

When you're in a relationship it is expected that the couple will discuss big and important decisions in person.

A speech on networking at a Toastmasters International meeting had a lot in common with dating.

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