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25-May-2017 04:36

Only then do they act.”Although there are a multitude of pluses to living in the Netherlands, the one thing many foreigners agree on is their universal dislike of visiting Dutch doctors.Amongst the expat community, there’s a common joke that goes something like this: “I had a sucking chest wound and my left leg had been severed below the knee.One time I went to Morocco and I felt very ill when I got back.I went to the doctor but they didn’t really bother with checking anything.How do TU/e’s international students and staff feel about Dutch healthcare?Industrial Design undergraduate Lorenzo Giunta (22) has experience with both the Italian and Dutch medical systems and says he prefers the warmth of Italian doctors: “I feel like in Holland they wait until they determine whether it’s statistically likely that you’re sick.Het hoofdkantoor is gevestigd in de Keniaanse hoofdstad Nairobi. Alleen dankzij uw bijdragen kunnen wij ons werk voortzetten. In 2016Maar liefst 471.264 mensen profiteerden direct van de vanuit Nederland gefinancierde gezondheidsprogramma's.30 miljoen mensen bereikt De totale Amref-organisatie heeft sinds 1957 ruim 30 miljoen mensen aan een gezonde toekomst geholpen.

Medicines aren’t prescribed as often in Holland as in other countries and requesting a referral to a specialist is almost a sure-fire way to elicit a dismissive chuckle from your otherwise reserved doctor.

“Practitioners in Italy triple check things because they’re afraid they’ll get sued.

And that does clog up the system because people are getting tested for even minor things.”Arguably, the medical system here is a reflection of an over-arching Dutch mentality of life.

In Belgium, you don’t get the cold hardness that you have here.

It’s even dramatic enough that I don’t even want to see a doctor in the Netherlands.”Lorenzo Giunta dislikes the “wait and see” approach he experiences in the Netherlands. But here they want to investigate to see if I’m really sick.

Amref Flying Doctors is de belangrijkste gezondheidsorganisatie in Afrika.