Dating customs in te victorian era

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[tags: Political leaders, Dynasties] - In the early years of China, the Chinese began a period of establishment in the world with ideas and teachings of new religions, changing powers, and building empires.In a nutshell the Chinese were progressing toward new technology, writings, and belief systems.- Many great civilizations have come and gone and have left a lasting impact in our world.However, very few have had such a lasting impact in world’s history like ancient China and Greece.Both civilizations have influenced us tremendously and have given us much knowledge that guides how we think, behave, and live our lives.

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With the Silk Road, valuable goods and ideas spread efficiently; areas were revolutionized and it allowed for cultural diffusion to occur.Present China is much bigger than Ancient China, which means that over time, the kings and different dynasties went gaining more and more land and wealth.... However, the Nile River that runs across Egypt flooded every year so that the Egyptians were able to build up their crops to build food surpluses.[tags: China Chinese Culture Traditions History Essays] - Han China and Ancient Rome are without doubt two of the most powerful and famous empires in ancient times. On the other hand, China contained deserts, forests, and mountains and many of the Chinese adapted to the environment by building up irrigation systems, fishing, and building up crops.However, while the western civilizations saw empires rise and fall due to conquering armies from different regions, creeds, and ethnic groups, China’s political change came from within.