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29-May-2017 17:24

The implication is that gambling is a more robust habit.I would point to the fact that this was a Gamblers Anonymous meeting and that if I were at a Cocaine Anonymous meeting I would probably be given the impression that cocaine is the most difficult substance to quit.He jokingly said that I would have to sit in the corner to do so, and then offered me some coffee.At this point I thought that this was going to be a very small meeting until the people from the treatment program showed up in one big cluster.I've had a significant amount of experience with the 12-step program in the form of Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous so I chose to go to a Gamblers Anonymous (GA) meeting for a novel encounter.

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This means that the more seasoned members tell their stories of how they came to embrace the 12-step program as a device to combat the problems of a gambling addiction.I told them that my own experience with gambling is very limited and I have never had adverse consequences as a result of gambling behavior.I told them that I had never won any significant amount of money while gambling, thus not having a powerful reinforcing stimulus.As with any 12-step organization its reputation is founded on the testimonials of its satisfied members, which amounts to the catch phrase, "it works if you work it." There is no doubt that these groups do make some people very happy.

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