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29-May-2017 17:24

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Men outnumbered women nine to two; the average age was about 45.

The room itself was easy to find, a rather nondescript meeting room, ample in size, and complete with the customary coffee machine and doughnuts.

There was a concern that gambling addiction is not getting the attention in treatment centers that it deserves.

I would point to the fact that this was a Gamblers Anonymous meeting and that if I were at a Cocaine Anonymous meeting I would probably be given the impression that cocaine is the most difficult substance to quit.

As with any 12-step organization its reputation is founded on the testimonials of its satisfied members, which amounts to the catch phrase, "it works if you work it." There is no doubt that these groups do make some people very happy.

Though limited and shallow, there is a built-in social network that goes with these organizations.

All of these people had won substantial amounts of money before developing a compulsion to gamble.

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The meeting closed with the obligatory group prayer.

Gambling establishments in Missoula are open 24 hours a day so the individual can take part in his or her addiction at any time.

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