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29-Apr-2017 22:33

”, written in response to a blog post on Surviving Dating. So does the white Pentecostal and evangelical church, but of course that’s not the subject of the piece. Well, for starters, I think the subject is complicated, asinine, and fraught at the same time. After all, I wrote a book about African-American women, and found that many of the women I studied in the Church of God in Christ (COGIC) historically either had outlived their husbands, been divorced, or were too busy doing church work to be tied down to a husband.

Having a husband meant that they could not give their ultimate all for the number one man on most African-American womens’ lips, and it’s not Denzel. For many women in churches like COGIC, being in love with Jesus means that most other men, whether desirable as a husband or not, stood in the way of the number one relationship.

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So before Steve Harvey and any of that jackleg, scripture-spouting, church-hoppin’, marriage-worshipping crowd starts to talk about how I am a hater, please, please tell me how getting a husband is going to change this horrific situation for millions of black women in this country.

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Many interfaith couples will start negotiating what religion they want their kids to be, for instance, without having a clear idea of their own identity.

D., author of Mixed Matches: How to Create Successful Interracial, Interethnic and Interfaith Relationships.

The next one did too.” Or, “Jeremy acted like they were friends but she told me later that they were hooking up on the side.” With that kind of dismal dating culture at play, let’s consider the options: First, there’s “Duggar Dating.” Duggar dating is the modern-day form of arranged marriages.

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