Dating a kenmore sewing machine

12-Feb-2018 15:34

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Bring the thread back to the right of the machine and wrap the thread eight times around the bobbin spool with your fingers.Push the bobbin spindle to the right with your thumb until the bobbin spool snaps into place against the tension reel.I grabbed this machine literally off the shelf in the shop. By this time Mom had joined me in the "sewing room." I told her what the problem was.( I must correct the incorrect information here. I say the full height.) OK so now I know why the feed wasn't working so well. Lubricate everything first, then get out the screw driver. Before I turned that screw I positioned the feed dog drop lever in the UP position and turned the screw.I bought it in March of 2011 when I was in Chicago. I picked up some q tips and alcohol (isopropyl, well, ok some wine as well. I oiled everything and I pulled the balance wheel off too and cleaned it so that the clutch would release. The straight stretch stitch is short and the zz stretch stitch would not work at all. I wonder what it is about me, my North Carolina trip and Kenmores with feed dog issues? I was hopeful that the problem with the stretch stitches would be solved with that adjustment. I think that the problem there lies with the reverse function. I also think that the stitch length needs adjusting because the stitches are not gauged correctly; i.e. I believe this will require some more lubrication and perhaps an adjustment.Pull the thread down and insert the thread through the eye of the needle.Continue the thread down through the slot in either side of the foot at the bottom of the needle assembly. It isn't as diminutive as the Singer 221 but it has more functions.

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Wind the bobbin, which is the thread that provides tension for the main thread when sewing.

Bring the thread down the front of the machine and around the bottom of the wheel immediately above the needle assembly.

Locate the hook in the top of the slot and slip the thread over the hook.

I am pretty sure that I serviced it when I brought it home. I deserved a drink, too) at the Ingles around the corner from here. I don't know if the other Keatherweights have a screw off (I did just write that) or a pop off top. ( Since the feed was messed up I had to pull off the bottom. I looked at the reverse lever and followed its mechanism.

When I set it up yesterday to test it out I oiled it quickly and tried to wind the bobbin. This machine has three screws holding the bottom on. You have to lift up the little extension table to find the one on the left end. The little accessory tray has a flip top lid that is part of the bottom. The bobbin winder is in the way but I could see a screw near the reverse lever that may require tightened or adjusting. I brought along the Canon SLR to use and it just isn't as nifty for this work as the Power Shot.

Remove the bobbin spool from the spindle and cut the thread with scissors. Pull on the end of the thread to ensure the thread feeds freely though the slot in the casing.