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I've got butterflies in my stomach even now talking about it." By Laura Harding, Press Association Senior Entertainment Correspondent Olympic gold medallist Helen Glover has confirmed she has lost one of the twins she was expecting later this year with her TV presenter husband Steve Backshall.

Molony starred in Toby’s supernatural show Being Human on BBC Three, so is well aware of his acting chops.

Yes, I fancy her still, but there’s also that constant push-and-pull struggle because of what she represents to me. KB: There’s a huge part of her that can’t let that go and you do see that bickering come back between them, but she understands how much of a struggle this is for Hal, that it’s something he really can’t control, it’s like an illness. There’s this kind of battle of emotions with Alex I think when it comes to Hal.

Honolulu Heights’ last ghost, Annie, was the mother figure of the house. KB: I would say Alex brings a sense of normality to the house because these guys have been wrapped up in this supernatural world for a long time and because she’s fresh to this world, she can be a bit of a voice of reason at times.

They want to overcome their disabilities or their superpowers and to try and use - or avoid - those powers to save the world and to assimilate and live normal lives. DM: She just needs to put on the costume now and it’s like a glove, you’re straight back into it. DM: Just with a little bit more facial hair, which I squeezed out about three weeks before we started. KB: They become close mates, but I think the chance of romance is never fully gone.

If he doesn’t fancy the job, East Enders actor Danny Dyer could always step in.

Last month the actor said he ‘could do it easy’ and vowed to keep his cockney accent.

The revamped Being Human ran for another two series, after which Molony played a Victorian policeman in Ripper Street before moving on to a modern cop role in Suspects.

And although Molony has worked solidly for the past five years and gone from success to success, he's still awestruck at how he makes his living: "I still pinch myself when I'm on set or when the director calls 'Action' or the curtain opens on stage.The chairs are upholstered in dark pink velvet, the polystyrene ceiling tiles in cigarette smoke and the ghosts of fried breakfasts past, and the migrainously patterned carpet is quietly throbbing underfoot.Amongst the trappings of the seventies hospitality industry are ’s Hal and Alex (Damien Molony and Kate Bracken), who are chatting happily to a group of us about the show’s fifth series, Phil Davis' new villain, topless scenes, Kia-Ora and the best way to clean a maggot…So how do Hal and Tom end up working at the hotel ('s major new location for series five)?

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