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DM: For me, Alex really represents that bad Hal that I’ve been running from.Every day that I see her, that is a victim that I am, whether I like it or not, responsible for, and it’s slightly painful for Hal because yes, obviously, the reason that she’s in the house at all is that I fancied her and we got together.I think she sees Tom as like a brother to her, because obviously she’s not able to see her brothers and be with her brothers any more so all those feelings are placed onto Tom. Alex’s family don’t know she’s dead at the end of the last series; do they come into season five at all? DM: We had a great little kid playing your brother.KB: Yes, he was a star who came in and played one of my little brothers.

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Instead of making a beeline for Players, the college's famous acting society, he avoided it: "I always thought you might need an 'in' with Players," he explains. '" As he neared the end of his degree, friends told him he should apply to drama schools in London. By that time Molony was already working professionally, having been spotted by a casting director for the role of Hal in Being Human, a BBC 3 show that had already run for three series when Molony auditioned.

If he doesn’t fancy the job, East Enders actor Danny Dyer could always step in.