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26-Aug-2017 01:50

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knew exactly who he was going to kiss at midnight on New Year's Eve—his wife! Thank you for loving me and making me your wife," Reimann tweeted to followers the next day along with a black and white photo of the pair. Looking forward to the rest of our lives."With their wedding and New Year's Eve simultaneously in full swing, the couple clearly partied the night away. poked fun at her tired husband when he had yet to wake up around noon on New Year's Day. With their wedding officially checked off the list, the Earnhardts have a new goal—starting a family.

The 42-year-old NASCAR racer said "I Do" to Amy Reimann just in time for 2017, the athlete confirmed on social media after the lavish holiday celebration. 31 at a vineyard in South Carolina owned by fellow racer Richard Childress. "My heart is truly filled with love and joy.""Happily married!!! "I'll have y'all know that I did wake up eventually.

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According to Kenny Bruce of NASCAR.com, Junior participated in a testing session at Darlington Raceway and said he'll be ready for the Daytona 500 on Feb. Until then, however, Earnhardt will embark on a honeymoon and enjoy married life alongside his new bride.

“I’m excited about getting out of the car and having time to do those type of things and spent more time around my family and friends.

If you let it, racing can make you really narrow-minded, frustrated, hard to be around, difficult person to deal with and it did that to me for a very long time.

The athlete, 42, announced the news on Sunday, January 1. What an amazing experience," he captioned a photo of the newlyweds on Twitter. replied: "I'll have y'all know that I did wake up eventually. "Looking forward to the rest of my life with this amazing girl," he tweeted at the time.

married his girlfriend, Amy Reimann, on New Year's Eve. “Amy has been a big influence on my life and changed me as a person in the way I think and see things,” Earnhardt said.“And I think has made me a more compassionate, nicer, thoughtful person and being out of the car as well last year for so much time gave me a whole new perspective on life and what things are important and what things might not be so important. According to ESPN.com's Bob Pockrass, Childress Vineyards is owned by NASCAR team owner Richard Childress, who was the car owner for Junior's father, Dale Earnhardt, for many years.