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19-Nov-2017 22:09

There an outlook plugin, API to connect external website and the Web Site.

The concept is the message received in your mailbox are not in clear text. You need to click the link to access the content of the email.

You can configure a password that are know only by the two part to open the message online, or receive an password (Random 6 number) by SMS.

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Regarding personal information (address, income etc): The concern is definitely in the sending of the email with the password.

If it is not properly encrypted, someone could potentially sniff the packets from the email being sent and recover the password.

It's fine to send them a confirmation e-mail with their username - this is useful.

Remember, if you e-mail them their password they're likely to forget about that e-mail, or just delete it.

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I would instead send a link so that they can easily see their profile/information when they log in.

Most company simply do not include Username password combination due to the security of the external email client.