Cousin dating is not okay persuasive speech

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Such language subsystems are called "functional styles".

Functional style units are capable of transmitting some additional informa­tion about the speaker and the objective reality in which communication takes place, namely the cultural and educational level of the speaker, his inner state of mind, intentions, emotions and feelings, etc.

The most tradi­tionally accepted functional styles are the style of official and business communication, the style of scientific prose, the newspaper style, the publicistic style, the belletristic style, the conversational style.

The style a writer or speaker adopts depends partly on his own person­ality but very largely on what he has to say and what his purposes are.

Meaning in speech is also commonly conveyed by tone and other non-verbal means such as irony.

Speech quite commonly includes false starts, repetition, hesitation, "fillers" with no lexical or grammatical meaning, such as "urn" and "er", and even nonsense words which replace terms which can not be recalled, such as "thingy" and "doodah".

It follows that style and subject matter should match each other appropriately.

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Stylistics concentrates on expressive sound combinations, intonational and rhythmic patterns. Contrastive stylis­tics investigates stylistic systems of two or more languages in comparison. Coding stylistics (literary stylistics) deals with individual styles of authors.Microcontext is the context of a single utterance (sentence).

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