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10-Jan-2018 07:16

There are still many FFEL loans in the system, but as of July 2010, no new FFEL loans are being made. Federal loans, whether through a bank/private lender or the Department of Education, are funded and tightly regulated by the federal government.Private loans are not subsidized by the government, and therefore are not regulated as closely.

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Learn more about the pros and cons of consolidation.

Except for PLUS loans, there are no credit checks required as long as other eligibility conditions are met.

Guaranty agencies are state or private nonprofit agencies that administer the federal guaranteed loan program.

You can also request forbearance so that collection stops while you are gathering information for your application. A., yes, if you have been determined to be unemployable due to a service-connected condition.

However, the government says that it has the right to continue Social Security offsets while the application is pending. For Social Security, in some cases yes as of July 1, 2013.

There is no administrative discharge for private student loans if you die.