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09-Jun-2017 02:24

She remembers when she was at the Colorado theater, she first thought loud noises were fireworks or part of the show, ' The Dark Knight Rises.' But it didn't take long for her to realize, a gunman had opened fire on the crowd.Reese says watching another mass shooting unfold brings difficult emotions."Sadness, anger, I cried I got real tense and anxious," said Michelle Reese, Wichita.She now carries a special reminder of that night close to remind her, she's one of the lucky people who survived."People have asked doesn't that upset you every time you look at that, and it actually doesn't..kind of calms me," said Reese.She told KSN she wanted to speak out to help others understand the long road ahead for those impacted by shootings like the one in Florida.Halloween turned into a day of actual horror in Colorado Springs as the scenic city became the setting for a bloody and seemingly random shooting spree.The normally festive holiday literally went up in flames Saturday morning when a 33-year-old man set his house ablaze and then stalked his neighborhood with a military-style rifle and pistol.

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Motive remains a missing piece of the terrible story of the Aurora massacre.And painful reminders of the night she and her group almost lost their lives in a mass shooting."People were dragging people out screaming, and just bodies everywhere," said Reese.On July 20th, 2012, a gunman killed 12 people and injured many in the audience at ' The Dark Knight Rises' premiere in Aurora.Reese says since the shooting she suffers from PTSD and loud noises, halloween masks, and even the taste and smell of popcorn remind her of the shooting.

She knows the survivors in Florida will face years of pain."It broke my heart, it makes me really sad because I feel their families' pain," said Reese.

The gunman fatally shot three random people — including a passing bicyclist as he begged for his life — before dying in a shootout with police that left downtown Colorado Springs covered in shattered glass, bullet casings and crime scene cordons.

Jan 8, 2013. Aurora Police Detective Tom Welton also testified on Tuesday about Holmes' activity on dating websites before the shooting. Holmes created a profile April 19, 2012, and last updated it July 18, Welton said. Holmes also created and Adult Friend Finder profile on July 5, and also updated it for the.… continue reading »

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