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09-Jun-2017 02:24

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New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly, a longtime associate of Aurora Police Chief Dan Oates, said Friday that Holmes had dyed his hair red to look like the Joker, the Batman villain, and told police when arrested that he was the Joker. Witnesses did not describe the gunman as looking like the Joker — who, as Batman fans know, actually has green hair — or saying anything to indicate that he was adopting the persona of the fictional villain.The picture is likely to become clearer as investigators obtain more information about the suspect, but for the moment, the motive remains speculative, something inferred from the gunman’s actions more than from anything he communicated directly.She's a survivor of the shooting at the movie theater in Aurora, Colorado.Michelle Reese says hearing about the violence in Florida is hard.

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Reese says watching another mass shooting unfold brings difficult emotions."Sadness, anger, I cried I got real tense and anxious," said Michelle Reese, Wichita.

She now carries a special reminder of that night close to remind her, she's one of the lucky people who survived."People have asked doesn't that upset you every time you look at that, and it actually doesn't..kind of calms me," said Reese.

James Holmes Confirmed as Client on Adult Dating Site. An X-rated dating site has confirmed that suspected Colorado shooter James Holmes was, indeed, a client, having made a profile for the service on July 5 and last logging in some time this week. Adult Friend Finder tells TMZ that it traced the profile in question back to.… continue reading »

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A trove of evidence photos have been newly released by the Colorado District Attorney's office September 2015, taken after the 2012 theater shooting in Aurora, Colorado after James Holmes killed 12 people and injured more than 70 others. Photos show the auditorium and elaborate homemade explosives found in.… continue reading »

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