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She was wearing black four-inch heels and a cocktail dress that left little to the imagination.Her ultra-petite figure made her look about 16 years old. I asked her how she knew Anna, but she responded with a confused look on her face. I used Anna as a translator, finding out that Kasia was a 21-year-old student who lived in the suburbs. Every seduction must have a bold move where you announce through you words or actions that your intentions are sexual in nature.Sometimes that comes right away if you use a direct opening line. Sometimes it comes at the very end of the night when you try to get her back to your place.Timing alone determines if your bold move is perceived as creepy or sexy, which is why it’s best to push it back until you’re sure the attraction is built.I remember one case where the girl said she’s “about to” break up with her boyfriend.I stuck with her all night and got nothing in the end.In Poland, a high percentage of girls are in existing relationships.If you take a snapshot of a Polish club on any Friday night, around half of the girls will have a boyfriend.

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She was overeager to chat, saying that she never meets foreign guys.After ten minutes she said, “I’ll be right back.” This is usually code for, “I don’t like you,” but she came back promptly and we settled into a flirty conversation. It didn’t take long for the boyfriend drop to come.Then it played out like so many times in the past: she complimented me, touched me, and compared me favorably to him.Hanx.'The community, led by entrepreneur and rally driver Rafal Sonikhas, raised 8500 Zloty (about £1,700) to purchase a Fiat 126 in fetching turquoise.