Cfinput not validating

17-Dec-2017 21:30

Different validation techniques apply to different Cold Fusion tags or coding environments; for example, you can use masking only in HTML and Flash format cfinput tags.Validation techniques also vary in where and when they execute; for example, on the client browser when the user submits form data, or on the server when processing data.I need it to: This is an old blog posting so not sure how accurate things are today but it shows how you can run the CFFORM validation via the _CF_check Task Form() function.So it seems like if you change the submitting of the form to a button via then change the popup function to first validate the form via the _CF_check Task Form() and if that passes to proceed with the other JS you are doing.The onclick function seems to take precedent over the CFINPUT validation.As soon as I click on the Submit button it's calling the popup window function first without validating the fields.Expansion to them, in the opinions of many, have not been done well and have frequently exasperated the flaws.It's super attractive to be able to say but the tags become a nuisance and you don't easily have the fine control over them that you might desire. You might check out CFUI The Right Way @ Github or this hosted version for some great insight and examples.

I am trying to validate the fields using CFINPUT and then calls a popup window function to do more stuff BEFORE submitting the form but it's not working.

To expand on that, I just looked at a CF8 and CF11 installations and looks like the function in those is _CF_check CFForm_1 if using that version of CF then something like this should get you in the correct direction: (Edit: That is not to imply that you should depend wholly on client side validation.

Client-side validation is more of a feature to help your visitors.

The following table describes the Cold Fusion validation techniques: Cold Fusion generates Java Script or Action Script to directly control the data a user enters by specifying a pattern.

For example, 999-999-9999 requires a user to enter ten digits, and automatically fills in the dash (-) separators to create a formatted telephone number.This is another good reason to move away from cfform.It turns out that there is a bug in the way cfform writes its javascript in that occassionally (and always in certain circumstances) it interferes with other javascript on the page when performing validation.So, what I want to do is..they select a skill (field skill1 ! I implemented Jester 48's suggestion to validate my radio buttons in the skills area and that is working beautifully.

Some attributes apply to only specific display formats. For details, see the Attributes table. In HTML format forms, standard HTML input control attributes not listed.… continue reading »

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Validating form input and handling errors. validating a password. The. A maximum length test is not needed because of the cfinput maxlength attribute.… continue reading »

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