Cfinput not validating

17-Dec-2017 21:30

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bwasyliuk is correct, in order for js to work properly id's and names must be unique, the exception being a radio array However i agree with mrichmon, it is better to write your own js form validation routines, gives you much more control on how the validation is handled.

To ensure that all of your javascript works it would be better to not use cfform. I would like to validate the phone field and email field to be sure that the phone is in the format ###-###-#### and that the email is in the standard format.

Also you can make your user interfaces much nicer and user-friendly whereas with cfform you have to go with however cold fusion writes it - which although mostly works, is not very user-friendly Wonderful... Do you happen to have any javascript for that type of validation. if the Skill1 field is not "" and Skill1Level is "", display a warning.

(Aside from from the different requirements you can make, setting minlength requires a certain number of characters and requires that at least one not be whitespace).

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It turns out that there is a bug in the way cfform writes its javascript in that occassionally (and always in certain circumstances) it interferes with other javascript on the page when performing validation.the reason the validation you wrote in yor second post did not work is that your function is called function validate() and you are calling on Submit="return Validate();" js is case sensitive. Sherry G, javascript is case sensitive which is why the code did not work.Also you mentioned that you have other javascript in the page.On the j Query Validate link you provided, they show an example form (along with a link of the same form in action) is exactly the same level of validation you're attempting.

I have a page with a cfform. In the form, I have several cfinputs that I am making required. The firstname field is validating fine, however, the email, last.… continue reading »

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Requesting and Presenting Information / Validating Data. Validating form data using hidden fields. because the cfinput tag did not support all HTML type attributes.… continue reading »

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I'm trying to validate an email address, but this is not an option with the validate attribute of cfinput. when i mean validate i don't mean if the.… continue reading »

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Some attributes apply to only specific display formats. For details, see the Attributes table. In HTML format forms, standard HTML input control attributes not listed.… continue reading »

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