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From the University of Hawaii, the Hawaii Center for Vulcanology homepage is a great place to learn about Hawaiian volcanoes.

The site includes maps, photos, scientific information, and web links to the Hawaiian volcanoes and volcanic islands.

All links should be operational - e-mail Craig if you find a faulty link.

General | The Big Bang | Earth's Origin | Earth's Interior | Minerals | The Rock Cycle | Igneous and Metamorphic Rocks | Sedimentary Rocks | Geologic Time and Time Scale | Rock Record and Fossils | Earth's Clock | Plate Tectonics | Earthquakes | Volcanoes | Soils | Rivers | Floods | Groundwater | Coastlines | Glaciers | Field Trip to Missouri This site features a different excellent web site dealing with various aspects of earth science each week. It is run by the Atlantic Division of the Canadian Geological Survey.

This OUTSTANDING site contains images and descriptions of some of the more remarkable (and famous) gem and mineral specimens in the Smithsonian Institute.

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This site, developed by the University of Washington Geophysics Program and NOAA (National Oceanographic Administration), provides a wealth of general information and research about tsunamis (seismic sea waves or "tidal waves").Its companion site (The Soft Earth) is described below. The site includes links to pages on geology, biology, mapping, and water as well as links to other earth and environmental science sites.Personal home page of Kyle Gerlach with astronomy links to institutions and societies, projects, databases and sources, images, magazines, NASA, data on the planets, data on solar activity, satellites and space probes, and telescopes and observatories.On the last page (transform boundaries) are links to appropriate sites that go into the subject matter in more detail or have really good This site of EQE International, a consulting firm specializing in earthquake and structural engineering, contains extensive summaries of recent earthquake disasters including Loma Prieta, CA in 1989; Northridge, CA in 1994; and Kobe, Japan in 1995 (in the Disaster Reports Archive Index).

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