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Following the war, Acadians originally from the Grand-Pré district who returned from exile in 1767 settled in the Yarmouth area.

After the American Revolution, substantial numbers of United Empire Loyalists arrived in 1785.

From 1874 to 1885, Yarmouth was the second largest port of registry in Canada following Saint John, New Brunswick.

In 1878, Yarmouth's tonnage peaked at 453 vessels aggregating 166,623 tons, and in 1879, the town had the second largest registered tonnage in Canada.

The stone is preserved at the Yarmouth County Museum & Archives.

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The region was visited in 1604 by Samuel de Champlain, who named it "Cap-Fourchu", meaning "forked or cloven cape." The first Europeans to make a settlement on these shores were the French Acadians.It eventually was merged into the Dominion Atlantic Railway (DAR), with a network extending into the Annapolis Valley, Halifax and Truro; the DAR later became a subsidiary of Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR).The Halifax and Southwestern Railway was built along the south shore linking Yarmouth with Shelburne, Liverpool, Bridgewater and Halifax in the early 20th century; the H&SW was eventually merged into the Canadian National Railway (CNR).The service resumed a few years after the war with the S. In 1949 the Canadian Maritime Commission began to study the possibility of a ferry service connecting with a port in the US.