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Katy and I do not typically express our emotions in a sentimental way.

We usually use sarcasm and a smile, so I am very interested (and nervous) to hear Katy's Maid of Honor speech.

One of my fellow dance team members, who was also a great friend, was helping me when this handsome guy walked up to the fundraising table.

He started speaking to my friend and I remember being devastated that he talked to her instead of me.

We messaged until late that night and all day the next day. A few weeks went by, then I started to noticing this crazy girl outside of all of my classes. At the time, the only reason I had for going to school everyday was to play golf, because that's all I did. I knew when I laid my eyes on Caitlin that I was going to marry that girl. Zach and I have never been a typical couple, so naturally our engagement story would be anything but typical. Over the years we had talked many times about getting married.

We were so overwhelmed by the love and support of others after we announced.I then hatched a devious plan to make Zach ask me out.Each day I would encourage my friend to "talk me up" to Zach.Then, of course, she would report back to me keeping me updated on everything that was said.