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03-Mar-2018 21:12

I then hatched a devious plan to make Zach ask me out.Each day I would encourage my friend to "talk me up" to Zach.We messaged until late that night and all day the next day. A few weeks went by, then I started to noticing this crazy girl outside of all of my classes. At the time, the only reason I had for going to school everyday was to play golf, because that's all I did. I knew when I laid my eyes on Caitlin that I was going to marry that girl. Zach and I have never been a typical couple, so naturally our engagement story would be anything but typical. Over the years we had talked many times about getting married.We went on our first date in early January 2013 and he asked me to be his girlfriend on Valentine's day. We knew we both wanted to graduate from college before tying the knot.She and I also had drama one together our freshman year, which really pushed us closer together being one of very few underclassman in the class.

We rekindled our friendship in high school on the dance team.

Less than a year later, on a normal Wednesday after we had dinner at Nana's, Zach took me to our house.