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The V3 improves on an already impressive comfort, although the shape does not look that different from the previous design.

However, due to the sensitivity of that region, even the smallest changes can have a profound effect.

Der neue V3 ist wirklich beeindruckend und mit den unzulnglichen pseudo KGs nicht zu vergleichen.

Als in Sachen KG eher unerfahrenes Paar den Holytrainer Standard mit 45 mm in Transparent bestellt, vor drei Tagen ausgepackt, anprobiert und passt.

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I received my Holy Trainer on a Friday and it is now Sunday and I don't even feel like I m wearing it.It has been exceedingly comfortable, durable, stylish, and even discrete.I'm pretty sure my Personal Trainer at the gym has spotted it (He chatted with me for a while in the locker room while I was trying to get dressed), but honestly it's not very noticeable unless fully naked, and even then only from the front.Es ist toll, seine bestes Stck fr eine gewisse Zeit nicht mehr berhren zu knnen. My total lock up time is now 2 months and 5 days, with the last 5 weeks being spent in the Holy Trainer V3 being the most comfortable. Last week, my Sir unlocked me, we inspected for problems.

Der Tragekomfort ist beeindruckend und nur bei Erregung wird der Trger unnachgiebig daran erinnert, dass sich etwas gendert hat... There was some slight raw spots, so He let me sleep unlocked that night and I slathered lotion on it - and my willpower was strong enough that I was able to abstain from pleasuring myself.I particularly like the extended rear guard on the device.Not only does this make the device more comfortable to wear, it increases security and, even more importantly, that secured feeling. I ordered the black design and quite like the trade off between colour and transparency.The V2 was comfortable, but this somehow improves on that delicious confinement.