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07-Sep-2017 21:50

Daddy can put his boy in a diaper with this Cage on, and know that he will be wet, and yet protected from bacteria and infection.

Thanks for making a better and humane protector for all! I am VERY glad I chose Holy Trainer V3 Small as my new chastity device.

This is the most comfortable Chastity Cage I have ever worn and am very pleased, and would recommend it to any baby slave who may like to play a little too much with himself.

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As many have said, the Holy Trainer devices are the most comfortable trapped-ball type devices on the market.The V3 improves on an already impressive comfort, although the shape does not look that different from the previous design.However, due to the sensitivity of that region, even the smallest changes can have a profound effect.Der neue V3 ist wirklich beeindruckend und mit den unzulnglichen pseudo KGs nicht zu vergleichen.

Als in Sachen KG eher unerfahrenes Paar den Holytrainer Standard mit 45 mm in Transparent bestellt, vor drei Tagen ausgepackt, anprobiert und passt.It has been exceedingly comfortable, durable, stylish, and even discrete.I'm pretty sure my Personal Trainer at the gym has spotted it (He chatted with me for a while in the locker room while I was trying to get dressed), but honestly it's not very noticeable unless fully naked, and even then only from the front.I ordered my V3 and within a week had a beautiful package arrive on my desk.

Beware of the dangers of full-body airport scanners. Those who opt out of. these 'enhanced' tactics are purposely designed and intended to be intimidating.… continue reading »

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The truth behind the airport full-body scanners. intimidating man. Opt Out And Film Week November 8, 2012;… continue reading »

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Ethical issues arising from Full Body Scanners at airports. a reporter for the New York Times recounted his intimidating experience. when he asked to opt out.… continue reading »

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We spent over 250 hours testing 15 wraps, slings, and meh dais, and found that the Solly Baby Wrap and Sakura Bloom Basics Sling are the best for most people.… continue reading »

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I think you were trying to imply it is senseless to avoid these scanners. However this just goes to point out how stupid the effort to prevent terrorism is.… continue reading »

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