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Besides we cannot remove Mars from all the Houses, above all if it there gives a Sun and Jupiter in the Tenth House and Venus in the Eleventh House. She is planning to look elsewhere and applied at am Fort worth time on 22nd Jan, 2012 for a job. I noticed that she has a Solar Arc of pluto within one degree of her ascendant so changes are bound to happen this year.Please let me know of any other thoughts or guidance.The fact that Saturn is in the Fourth House means that she will spend money for the house: but this doesn't mean that she will have to buy a new house and it could treat only her to change the boiler of the plant of heating.Every symbol must be read in relationship to the situation of the subject. Unfortunately, she has been asked by the supervisor to find another job or accept a lower position.I finally had a feminine shape again and didn't look like a skinny model anymore, which was great. On the other hand I had to relate quite a lot with the way I looked as I joined a band and appeared on the stage a few times.I was told that I looked good on the stage and that I fitted great in the band.Kind regards, Alina Barca Dear Alina, your question is not foolish. Unfortunately I don't make consultations from six years. I'm so grateful to have you helped me with my next solar return and I have attached my solar return details from for your reference. Thanking you so much as your advise is of really high importance for me.Nevertheless I have responded to it a lot of times in mine quasi-seventy books, in hundreds and hundreds of articles and linking me, in 40 years, on thousand of practical examples, above all of famous characters. However, if you want, you can post your complete birth data here and I will suggest to you, for free, a good location for your next birthday. I found your book SOLAR RETURNS Interpreting solar returns : predictions very helpful for me as a new learner to understand about Solar Return. Here is my birth details : Date of Birth : 19 December 1983 Place of Birth : Bandar Seri Begawan , BRUNEI Time of Birth : 11.04 am I'm staying in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia I notice that my Mercury will be in the 12th even though it is in Sagittarius. Mick Dear Mick, I remember you that here on the blog we communicate calling us for name.

Thank you, Mordecai Dear Mordecai, Mars in the second House in the Aimed Solar Return of your friend is not a dangerous position.I am aware that your advise is to avoid SR's Ascendant in natal houses 1, 6 and 12.However I have to say that last year I had my Solar Return's Asc in my natal 1 House and it was one of the best years I had in my life.The only thing that I can relate with this placement would be the fact that indeed my psychical appearance changed quite a lot.

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The years before I lost a lot of weight, I was looking too skinny but last year I gained a few kilos which had a good effect on my physical appearance.

She has started to read your books and has many questions.

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