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22-May-2017 04:45

In general, the families expressed a strong sense of pride in belonging to this unique sub-group of the population and in their roll of changing the way America understands biracial and multiracial identity. Parent and child influences on the development of black-white biracial identity (Doctoral dissertation). Stone, Ph D, LMFT, is an assistant professor in department of educational psychology and Counseling Marriage and Family Therapy program at California State University Northridge.

This study implicates important factors to cover when training multiculturally competent therapists and other mental health professionals to work with multiracial families and individuals. Her research focuses on exploring parent child relationships between interracial couples and their biracial children, specifically how the intersections of race, class and gender influence the biracial identity development process.

Therapists should also consider the impact of the social and historical context within which the family and individual live.

In addition, it explains how parents perceived they have influenced the biracial identity development process of their children via open communication and interactions about racial issues, racial heritage, racial discrimination and racial pride.

A review of the 2010 Census found individuals who self-identified as Black and White specifically accounted for 20 percent of the total multiple race population (Jones & Bullock, 2013).