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21-Sep-2017 06:39

Variety reported producer Rudin as coyly saying, “There’s no replacement for Bette.” Midler’s alternate has been Donna Murphy.

One perhaps overly dramatic theater source told Page Six after the Instagram casting reveal snafu that Garber could lose the job because, “the stars have to sign non-disclosure agreements, and there is a strict no-leak policy.” But we hear that despite the leak, Garber will take over the role.

It's been like this secure, rooted place, so it allows my tree to branch out.

I've never worked as much since I've been married, taking risks and doing things." Peters is a two-time Tony Award winner for her work in Song & Dance and Annie Get Your Gun.

My family’s Italian, so at Christmastime, there’s always manicotti, eggplant Parmesan, and things I would never eat [normally].

What I like to eat: I eat a lot of sashimi, especially when I’m in a show. Just protein, vegetables, and salad — basically that’s what I try to stick with.

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Said one reader of the slip, “OMFG if that’s true, whatever possessed him to say that in writing, anywhere? 13, and speculation has ramped up over who could replace her — with names from Peters to Dolly Parton and Sutton Foster bandied about.How I start my day: Lately, I’ve gone back to coffee. If I really want that I’ll scramble egg whites and put tomato sauce on it and then put some cheese on it.I have one cup of coffee a day and I have three slices of grapefruit — three little smiles of grapefruit. I don’t say, “I’m going to have a cheat day.” I think I’ve gotten past that. My poor friend came over and she felt peaked and she said, “Do you have a cracker?Bernadette Peters will replace Bette Midler in the smash Broadway hit “Hello, Dolly!