Bathroom updating

19-Aug-2017 06:53

No toilet, no sink, not a single luxury: there really isn't much to salvage in this Victorian bathroom.Rate My Space contributor oldhousemama has a real job ahead of her to rehab this demolished space.She acted as the designer, and her husband skillfully made her ideas reality.With heated floors, mosaic tile, wall-mounted faucets and a strategically placed flat-screen TV, this bath is far from bland now.Give your bath a designer touch with matching accessories.Here, the medicine cabinet's silvery frame is echoed by the decorative metal outlet covers.Glass in the door's top panel ushers light from the hallway into the windowless bath. Craft a rustic and rustproof surround for your drop-in bathtub out of corrugated, galvanized-steel roof paneling.A 12-by-12-foot sheet, enough for one side of a tub (as shown), is about at

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This terra-cotta top has white-painted wood edging to go with the vanity below.

The bathroom is a space you'll visit (at least) daily, yet it's probably the room you think about least -- as far as the overall decor goes.