Batch optimistic updating norton 2016 not updating via proxy

13-Dec-2017 21:41

For example, before an update we might send a "column set" "ok to do" event followed by a "column set" "about to do" event, if a consumer vetoes either of these events then all consumers are sent a "column set" "failed to do" event.Because of this complexity we wrap the groups of events in helper methods which can be called from within our methods.Whilst the changes detailed above work just fine with the Janus Grid, the Data Grid fails to display any data.The reason for this is that the Data Grid also requires that the following rowset properties are set: These properties tell the grid that each row in the rowset is represented by a single row handle.(and yes, it took me ages to find out why they were failing in code that had previously worked fine!) Server side updates and the Data Grid The Microsoft Data Grid is a demanding consumer.The ordering and details of the notification events required by the OLE DB specification is quite difficult to determine from the documentation.

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However if we select client side cursors and optimistic locking in our test program and try to change data we get an error message "Insufficient base table information for updating or refreshing".

Switching to batch optimistic locking simply causes the error to occur when we issue an command on the recordset rather than as soon as the data is changed...

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