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The Leninakan pioneer railway was closed following the catastrophic 1988 earthquake, which destroyed large parts of the city and killed an estimated 45,000 people.This 2km railway had one diesel and one Finnish built steam locomotive A few more details of this line can be found on this website: steam locomotive survives at the Pereslavl Museum in Russia RD).I now understand that this is a Railways Inspectorate issue and that officially this is a temporary ban until the steam locomotives receive appropriate safety devices (14th May 2015).On 13th May 2015, Hugo visited Tuzla and confirmed the ban was in place although everyone hopes for a work around.James Waite's report of a visit to the Nizhny Novgorod Railway Museum shows a similar locomotive to the Gyumri one..John Dodds reports (21st June 2008): "I've found two 0-10-0 tender locos just outside Sumgait on the road going north and three and a half loco 2-10-0 tender type at the back of the main station in Baku.

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There was one L class on Yerevan depot that had been partially restored but work stopped when the restorer died. The steam reserve at Gyumri has gone except for several locos (steam and diesel) trapped in the old depot that had been destroyed during the 1988 earthquake." Jez Graham writes (16th November 2017) of his 2016 visit.

Since the original report it has been clarified that the ban does not apply to the normal day to day transfer trains but to charters beyond the normal limits in the junction stations (15th July 2015).

Rob Pritchard's detailed report of a September 2015 visit seems to confirm this (30th September 2015).

Several links to folders in this site have been added to this page (24th May 2007).

Another site well worth visiting is Enthusiast's Guide to Travelling the Railways of Europe - Torsten Schneider adds (16th November 2008) "Contrary to rumours on the web (railfaneurope, farrail newsletter) there has been no commercial steam-shunting in Osopovichy (or elsewhere in Belarus) in recent years.However a number of steam locomotives is still serviceable.Its dangerous to search too hard for anything around the railways because they are still considered by the authorities as a strategic part of the defences!!! (This being part of the former Soviet Union, I assume the 0-10-0s are from the ubiquitous E/Em/Er class or similar and the 2-10-0s most likely L class.

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Heure Baranovichi, Belarus. Quelle heure est-il à Baranovichi, Belarus? L'heure locale actuelle à Baranovichi est. La date est dimanche 1 avril 2018 ?Partager. Baranovichi est en le fuseau horaire +0300. L'heure d'été n'est pas utilisé à Baranovichi, Belarus Lieu géographique de Baranovichi est 53° 9' N 26° 0' E.… continue reading »

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Open joint Stock Company “Baranovitchi Dairy Integrated Plant” is one of the leading enterprises of dairy industry in Brest Region, the Republic of Belarus. At first the enterprise was established as a milk plant in 1944. In January 1983 it was renamed into dairy plant and then in June 1994 into OJSC “Baranovitchi Dairy.… continue reading »

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