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Using a winch and gurney, they lifted her into the helicopter and flew her to a hospital.She later invited them to dine with her and her friends at a mountainside lodge to say thank you.

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After several changes of property, in the 17th century the counts of Castelbarco bought it back.

The Castle of Avio (also known as the Castle of Sabbionara, Italian: Castello di Avio, old German: Schloß Aue) is a medieval castle in the comune Avio, Trentino, northern Italy.

It is currently held by the Fondo per l'Ambiente Italiano (FAI).

His team was ready to help then, too — because it had to be.

Trying to predict an earthquake is largely an exercise in futility, Briganti says.“Weather forecasts are based on mathematical models, but seismic forecasts are scientifically impossible to carry out, however hard we try,” Briganti says. “The efficiency of the helicopters is in your hands, and you must prepare them to operate in the worst climatic conditions,” Avio Aero’s Tarì says.“You must recheck everything, and you must work fast.Briganti and his crew from the Italy State Police’s 11 Flight Department in Pescara spent hours airlifting victims to hospitals and bringing back supplies in a rescue helicopter.