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26-Jan-2018 10:42

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Walking around certain areas of Buenos Aires or Mendoza feels like being in Milan, Italy during fashion week.

Notice I said plenty of model-esque girls in Argentina.

I cracked the code once I got out of Buenos Aires and headed south to Patagonia—see below for places to visit.

What you need to be able to consistently bed beauties in Argentina: In that order.

The guys who are really at the bottom of the attraction totem pole in Argentina are Peruvians, Paraguayans and Bolivians, etc.

I’ve met many a Latina-lover on my travels who has chewed my ear off about Argentine women being hard work.

Like the Spanish, Argentinians have dinner late: around .

To simplify this article, any opinions you may have heard about Italian AND Spanish women can also be applied to Argentinian women.

Argentinian women are the Ukrainian women of Latin America.

Notice I didn’t mention wealth, as money is not as important as it would be in Colombia, Venezuela or the Dominican Republic (or across the pond with Russian girls).

Argentina and Chile are the only two countries in Latin America with a large middle class so gold-digging behavior is rare.

Argentinian women (and people) think of themselves as born in Latin America but bred in Europe.

Walk around Buenos Aires one afternoon and take a look at the architecture, food, dress, etc.Below are the prime factors behind their gripes: Catholic guilt about being sexual, the importance of social circles and a culture that always aims to be refined and debonair.No getting trashed on tequila shots at the club and making out with multiple guys on a night for these Argentinian women. I was cock-blocked hard by an Argentine guy who wouldn’t let me get with a girl or even have her number because she was a “nice girl” and he didn’t want her ruined by a gringo passing through. Guys who kill it in Peru but can’t get a date to save their life in Argentina.With so few Asians or Blacks in Argentina, caucasians will be sources of fascination.

The Argentine War of Independence was fought from 1810 to 1818 by Argentine patriotic forces under Manuel Belgrano, Juan José Castelli and José de San Martín against royalist forces loyal to the Spanish crown. On July 9, 1816, an assembly met in San Miguel de Tucumán, declared full independence with provisions for.… continue reading »

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Jan 28, 2015. However, there are documented uses of “Argentinian” dating back to at least 1919. A few online. She then worked in marketing for an international board game company followed by a brief foray as an online community editor for several websites before joining the Connect-123 team. Still a tourist at heart.… continue reading »

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The following are the National public holidays and other observances of Argentina. Though holidays of many faiths are respected, public holidays usually include most Catholic based holidays. Historic holidays include the celebration of the May Revolution 25 May, Independence Day 9 July, National Flag Day 20 June.… continue reading »

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After contracting in 2016, the Argentinian economy rebounded in 2017. Both household consumption and gross fixed investments increased strongly. On the supply side, growth has affected all sectors. The construction sector has been the largest contributor, up 9.7% year-over-year GA, essentially supported by increasing.… continue reading »

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The exhibition examines the complexities of Argentina over the past 150 years, stressing the heterogeneity of its realities, the creation of contradictory histories, and the power of constructed photographic images in the configuration of a national imaginary. With significant works dating from the decade of Argentina's first.… continue reading »

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One of the striking facts about Argentina is the geographical and cultural diversity the country offers. You can experience the Andes, Tierra del Fuego, Patagonia, the Pampas and the beaches. Visiting the villages in the mountains, the football stadiums or simply enjoying the big city night you will hang out with a culturally.… continue reading »

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