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Apart from its extraordinary length of inhabitation ? The Theopetra Cave also provides the earliest evidence for Paleolithic cave dwelling in Thessaly and an important record of climatic change during the late Pleistocene and early Holocene eras.

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Optical dating is unsuitable for sediments older than 500,000 years and those deposited with little or no exposure to daylight (such as sediments inside dark caves).

OSL involves beaming sediment samples with blue, green or infrared light to determine how long ago minerals including quartz and feldspar were last exposed to daylight.

Samples subjected to such treatment may emit a luminescence whose intensity can be an indicator of how much radiation (in part from cosmic rays) the sample absorbed during its burial.

In a paper by Iranian archaeologists Hamid Vahdati-Nasab and Shirin Torkamandi, several evidence are listed which indicate that Mirak dates to the Middle Paleolithic (ca.

250e47 ka BP in the Levant); these clues include flake-based blank production, an abundance of prepared and châpeau de gendarme platforms, a significantly high value for the Levallois index, the presence of tools typical of ‘Mousterian’ technology, and the near-total absence of Upper Paleolithic diagnostics.

The cave, in a setting overlooking the Lithaios River, a tributary of the Pineios River, just 3 kilometers from the rock pillars and monasteries of Meteora, consists of a 500-square-meter rectangular chamber of which the entrance is 17 meters long by 3 meters high.

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