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Paperback January 8, 2008 Translated from Russian by Michael Jagger. Project management by Franck Tamdhu (It is published with the permission of the publisher) history. of the seven volumes About the Author Also by Analoly T. The publication rate of the Russian chronicles remains the same as time goes on 7. Russian and Tartar names illustrated by the Verderevskiy family tree 9. The real chronology implied by the "layer section" of the pavements in Novgorod-upon-Volkhov 12.2. How the abovementioned Academicians date late XVIII century birch bark documents to the XI century 12.7. Greater Russia as the Golden Horde, Lesser Russia as the Blue Horde, and Byelorussia as the White Horde 5. The identity of Ryurik, the founder of the royal dynasty of the Russian princes, the dating of his lifetime and the localization of his endeavours 2.1.3. Shiryaev Publisher's Note Publisher's Advice Preface by A. What is the chronicle that served as the original for the Radzivilovskaya Chronicle, also known as the Königsberg chronicle? Which city was the capital of the Polyane = Poles: Kiev or Smolensk? Other chronicles that describe the epochs before the XIII century 6. The "strange" effect of the Mongolian conquest on the Russian culture 8.3. The falsification of history and archaeology of Novgorod-upon-Volkhov 12.1. Abul-Feda claimed the Russians to be "a people of Turkish origin" 2. What one sees on the famous Arab map by Al-Idrisi from mediaeval Spain 4. A fragment of the map of Charles V and Ferdinand (XVI century). Chapter 5 Our reconstruction of the Russian history before the battle of Kulikovo 1. The invasion of the Tartars and the Mongols as the unification of Russia under the rule of the Novgorod = Yaroslavl dynasty of Georgiy = Genghis-Khan and then his brother Yaroslav = Batu-Khan = Ivan Kalita 2.1. His original in the XIV century is Youri = Georgiy Danilovich of Moscow 2.1.2.River Sosna and the Brasheva (Borovitskaya) Road to the Kulikovo Field identified as the Sosenka River and the Old Borovskaya Road leading towards the centre of Moscow 2.18. A brief digression and a comparison of the Russian and Tartar architecture 3. The word "Allah" as used by the Russian Church in the XVI and even the XVII century, alongside the quotations from the Koran 3.1.Yaroslav and Alexander in the description of the Kulikovo Battle 2.19. The communal grave of the heroes slain in the Battle of Kulikovo in the Old Simonov Monastery, Moscow 3.1. The discovery of an ancient communal grave in 1994 3.3. Additional remarks in re the Battle of Kulikovo 14.4. "The Voyage beyond the Three Seas" by Afanasiy Nikitin 3.2.The Devichiy Monastery, the Babiy Gorodok and the Polyanka on the right bank of the Moskva and the possibility of identifying them as the Devichye Field and the place where Dmitriy Donskoi had inspected his troops 2.10. The Berezouy and the Bersenyevskaya Embankment in Moscow 2.12. Numerous towns in the Ural, allegedly founded in the Bronze Age (Arkaim being the most famous) as the likely relics of Muscovite Tartary, or the state that had existed in Siberia and America in the XV-XVIII century a.d. The conquest of Siberia after the victory over "Pougachev" and the trace that it has left in the numismatic history of Russia Chapter 13 Old Russia as a bilingual state with Russian and Turkic as two official languages.The River Don and its relation to the Battle of Kulikovo. River Mecha on the Kulikovo Field as the Moskva River (or, alternatively, one of its tributaries called Mocha) 2.14. Letters considered Arabic nowadays were used for transcribing Russian words 1. Why would Nikita Davydov, a Russian craftsman, decorate the royal helmet with Arabic inscriptions? The reason why Alexander Nevskiy and Ivan the Terrible wore helmets with Arabic writing.Group Video Chats Setting up group video chats with your friends has never been easier.Make unlimited video calls and stay in touch with your loved ones for free!

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"River Chura at Mikhailov" next to the Kulikovo Field vs River Chura and the eight Mikhailovskiy Lanes in Moscow 2.17. Arabic text upon the Russian mitre of Princes Mstislavskiy 3.

The third period: the Russia of Vladimir and Suzdal, starting with the middle of the XII century and ending with Batu-Khan's conquest in 1237 7.4. Why the Muscovite rulers were accompanied by the "Tartars" rather then armies in military campaigns. Novgorod-upon-Volkhov: oddities in occupation layer datings 12.5. Batu-Khan identified as Yaroslav, his XIV century original being Ivan Danilovich Kalita = Caliph 2.2.1. An attempt of transferring the capital to Kiev 2.2.3.

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