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You could say this was the original communal dining.

In university, Steven began to expand his palate, and, has never looked back.

If trapped on a desert island, a meal consisting of fresh hot boule (you would need the carbs with all the labour), a perfectly cooked medium-rare rib eye, herb roasted fingerling potatoes, bocconcini and tomato salad, washed down with a local KLB Framboise, would do the trick, however, he saddens thinking that he would have to limit himself to one meal over and over with all the great food to experience. Is it for this reason that Chef Damian Harrington recently took the post as in-house Chef for Foodies on Foot Catering™.

The ability to constantly be creating menus around the themes and budgets of different clients is exactly the challenge that motivates a great Chef.

Toronto Mayor John Tory released a statement Wednesday saying he was "deeply disturbed" by the latest revelations in the Mc Arthur case.

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The tour was amazing and Steve was such a great host.Returning home, Chef Harrington moved to one of the food capitals of the world, Niagara, where he directed the Crowne Plaza culinary team, including Chef Massimo Capra’s Rainbow Room, for 3 years as an Executive Chef, and, followed that with a position as the Executive Chef at The Pillar and Post in Niagara-on-the-Lake, part of the Vintage Hotels Collection.He brings his world class experience to his most creative role to date with The Foodies Group™.Having worked thought the best kitchens in Toronto, including roles as Chef Tourant at Splendido, Chef Tourant at North 44, and Head Saucier at By Mark, to name a few, Chef Harrington decided to expand his repertoire by taking a stint in the Caribbean, as an Executive Banquet Chef at the Ritz Carlton Rose Hall, and, Chef Du Cuisine at Grande Lido Braco.