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25-Nov-2017 16:47

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When I’m at Disneyland, I get recognized by mostly Asians, and my friends have a freakin’ like game like where they’re like [snaps] these guys are fans, you know what I mean?

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” I think we’re all waiting for that, but I don’t think there is anything wrong with us being loud about it, us being loud that we are Asian American.But of course we’re always striving to share our music with everybody in the world.Being quote on quote famous is always a good thing, I think, so that would be a game-changer if me and the other artists in our community were regulars on the TV and things like that.I live with my mom and my little sister Justine, but I still think that my mom being proud of me is success.

The fact that she supports what I’m doing is like the best thing to have, and if she approves of that, I think you are on your way to success from there, to have your parents’ approval and things like that. I think we are doing more good than we think we are by showing ourselves on You Tube and things like that.When I go to these shows, yeah,, maybe they are more predominantly Asian and there is a lot more Asian Americans.It’s sad because a record deal is like a loan with really bad interest. They’ve been in control for way too long; we don’t need them anymore.