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23-Mar-2017 10:28

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Note that reliable sex cam sites will not mention their actual name on the billing form, which is important because some men have angry, vengeful wives and girlfriends that from some reason fail to see that a live sex cams chat is not the same as cheating.

Some general info line stating that you've paid such and such for computer services is a lot less problematic.

This was several years back, and a story he shared during a BDSM/ Fetish workshop. Fetish Educator and writer Goddess Bella Donna had her account frozen and shut down roughly 4 years ago after one of her adoring fans send her a cash gift and wrote a note of thanks including the words “my Goddess”.

Since at that time she had a chipin button (which accepts Pay Pal payments) located on one of her fetish educational sites, they decided to close her account down permanently.

Recently a lovely webcam model opened up her webcam site.

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We all know it, we read it in their TOS, we have heard the stories of many adult performers and webcam models, and yet we still want to think it would never happen to us.

Nowadays most sites let you add funds to your account in a click or two, so there is really no reason not to use it.

As I mentioned repeatedly throughout this article, choosing a reliable adult cam site is the most important step you can take.

Many users wonder if it's safe to pay on adult webcams sites or if they will be putting themselves at a huge risk.

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The simple answer is that you can easily pay on webcam sex sites safely, just as long as you know how to do it right.

Keep in mind that in some cases specific payment options will only be made available to users from specific regions.