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Because that way she isn't spending Valentine's day alone.Shes a starbucks lover, so gift card to starbucks was one idea, stuffed animal was another, lingere is possible as well.Ning groups can be as open or exclusive (even invitation-only) as you like.Because she did not complete her student-teaching practicum, Snyder was forced to graduate with a degree in English instead of Education.“The conversations that used to happen in the hallways or teacher’s lounges or at conferences are now happening all the time on the Web,” says Steve Hargadon, an educational technology expert and founder of Classroom 2.0, a popular social network for teachers.

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“Putting these tools together in an environment that encourages community and collaboration creates enormous potential for history teachers, or Latin teachers, or music teachers to build a network of colleagues at their fingertips.” Hargadon recommends that educators take a look at Ning.com, where you can create your own social network around a specific topic.

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I could do something like strawberries or the truffles someone mentioned.

Doesnt matter where, as long as your reason is good and sweet You could take her to a restaurant, to the zoo, central park it doesnt matter.

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