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Rutimeyer was a well-known German scientist living at that time. He found there was no record that anyone ever actually checked Haeckel’s claims by systematically comparing human and other fetuses during development. These are fakes.” appear in many high school and college textbooks.

He regularly had articles in each yearly volume of Archiv fur Anthropologie, yet his book review was never translated into English nor published in Britain or America! So Richardson assembled a scientific team that did just that – photographing the growing embryos of 39 different species. Richardson stated: “This is one of the worst cases of scientific fraud. What he [Haeckel] did was to take a human embryo and copy it, pretending that the salamander and the pig and all the others looked the same at the same stage of development. Among them are “Evolutionary Biology” by Douglas J.

At Jena, the university where he taught, Haeckel was charged with fraud by five professors and convicted by a university court.

His deceit was exposed in “Haeckel’s Frauds and Forgeries,” a 1915 book by J. Hull, who quoted 19 leading authorities of the day.

These pictures were designed by German zoologist Ernst Haeckel.

What few people know – and one of many surprises in the evolution debate is that they were fakes.

“Haeckel claims these works to be both easy for the scientific layman to follow, and scientific and scholarly.

No one will quarrel with the first evaluation of the author, but the second quality is not one that he seriously can claim.

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At last, here was ‘proof’ that apes had evolved into humans in England.

] Yet, despite Haeckel’s fraud conviction and early exposure, Western educators continued using the pictures for decades as proof of the theory of evolution. It’s shocking to find that somebody one thought was a great scientist was deliberately misleading. Futuyma (Third Edition, Sunderland, MA: Sinauer Associates, 1998), and also the bedrock text, “Molecular Biology of the Cell” (third edition), whose authors include biochemist Dr.

Bruce Alberts, president of the National Academy of Sciences.

The teeth had been filed down to make them look human.

The bones and teeth had been chemically treated (and sometimes even painted) to give them the appearance of being ancient.

Haeckel’s fraudulent drawings are just one of evolution’s pillars now under spectacular scientific assault. Viewers were presented with a great British ‘whodunnit’ that tried to identify those who made monkeys out of the scientists of the day.

We will look at both the process of Carbon 14 dating as well as the. and fossils. If all the Carbon found in the geologic. I will have links to.… continue reading »

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