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08-Jan-2018 19:44

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Instead, I created a hidden column Study Type and I have an Item Adding event receiver set this field when an item is created. Now it occurred to me that the client may want to edit the folder and my event receiver must still set the proper fields to new values. I would just add an Item Updating event to my receiver have it execute the same code and all done. if you have changed the name of the column after creating the list, then try with the old name.

To String() , before CType Name = null , after CType Name = null , base CType Name = mapping Handler. Sharepoint Content Type Name; foreach (SPContent Type ct in properties.

If you still have save conflict issues like we did, in Share Point 2010, we have the option to make these kind of events Synchronous by adding this in the file of the event receiver while we are registering it.

Due to Share Point and the event receiver code trying to update the item at the same time.

The issue only impacts Safari browser; in IE or Firefox you will not see the issue.

Run List Event Receiver Helper(Object receiver, SPUser Code Info user Code Info, Object properties, SPEvent Context context, String receiver Data) at Microsoft.

Synchronous You can define it programmatically: in the Receiver element of the feature definition: been fighting with Share Point event receivers for some time now.

So, if we go back to our original problem listed above.

How can we prevent a user from changing a certain column for an item in a list event?

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The entitlement of Devlynn to Apryll and his back and forth got old real quick.It is not consistent but happens much more frequently on “Calendar list”.This is a very typical error occurs in Share Point 2007 for asynchronous event handler.Handle Com Exception(COMException com Ex) at Microsoft.

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