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Rule #8 Events or places that you may not bring my daughter on dates: Places where there is any dim lighting or anything softer than a concrete wall.Places where there is dancing or alcoholic beverages, joy or holding hands, all of these are also prohibited.The show was a moderate success, ranked 43rd for its first season on the air, and was renewed with an average of 10.85 million viewers.He’s not pleased and gets his revenge on Bridget by detaining her on the school’s unofficial day off.Please don't be embarrassed but you look ridiculous and so do your friends.I realize that you are just following the latest trends because you aren’t original in your choices so let’s come to a negotiation: You may come to the door with your under clothes showing and your pants too big or too small, and I will not comment.

Rory is planning to take full advantage of Ditch Day while Kerry expects that her classes will continue as usual.

But as it turns out, Savannah isn’t the only Chrisley that Todd should be worried about getting some action on this magical night…

Rule Two: You do not touch my daughter in front of me.

, Dharma and Greg, and Spin City plummeted to ratings oblivion last season).

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But even if the show is too familiar, I for one don't mind watching Ritter do his same old act, again.

However, to make certain that your clothes do not accidentally slide off or spontaneously explode off your body due to being too tight, I will take my staple gun and fasten your jeans snugly in place to your waist.